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Briony O'Toole

3:30pm, Friday 9th April, 2021

Sarah Hickey

12pm, Friday 9th April, 2021

Rory McCarthy

3:30pm, Thursday 8th April, 2021

Christine Cusack

12pm, Thursday 8th April, 2021

Lorraine Crowley

3:30pm, Wednesday 7th April, 2021

Sarah-Beth O'Mullane

3:30pm, Tuesday 6th April, 2021

Sarah Hanna

Available to view from 8.30pm on Tues 27th April 2021

Fiona Falvey

Available to view from 7.30pm on Tues 27th April 2021

Aisling Deegan

Available to view from 4pm, April 23rd, 2021

Iris Nikolaou

6pm, Thursday March 25th 2021

Madison Crook

1pm, March 25th 2021

Rachel Masterson

12pm, Wednesday 10th March, 2021

CITCSM Jazz Big Band

CIT Cork School of Music Jazz Big Band ft. Ariel Posen
Recorded at the school's Recording Studio.

Childrens Choruses

"A Different Wolf" featuring CSM Junior and Senior Childrens' choruses

Jordan Bagot MA

Transitions to CIT

Army Band

Transitions to CIT

BA in Popular Music

Cathal Broderick - Transitions to CIT

David McIlroy - Violin

Transitions to CIT

Transitions to CIT - BMus

Transitions to CIT - Nikki Griffin - BMus

Gary Beecher

Live performance of Liszt's Rigoletto Paraphrase by pianist Gary Beecher in the Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music in 2014.

Video & Audio by Barra Vernon and Rupert McCarthy.

Cappella Lyrica

Conducted by Maria Judge

Ellen Jansson

S. Prokofiev, Piano Concerto No.3 - Ellen Jansson (piano)
National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Conducted by Yuriy Litun
Recorded in Kiev, Ukraine in July 2016.


Two reels, "A tune for the girls" and "Anne Laceys".
Strung are a contemporary Irish music ensemble trained at CSM.

Tunes written by Liz Carroll and arranged by Strung.

CSM Symphony Orchestra

Solist: Eoin Ducrot
Conductor: Geoffrey Spratt

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